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school is crappy, but better than last week - in this great future, you can't forget your past

Date: 2004-10-18 22:06
Subject: school is crappy, but better than last week
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Music:coldplay-the scientist
This week is much better in regards to school work. I just have a math assignment due on Friday and a couple of things next week. But this week is good. I got perfect on my math assignment. And no, I should not feel that special because lots of people got perfect. I did not get perfect on my math test for sure, although lots of people did ( because alot of them cheated). I think I got around the 70's which is ok, but I wish I got an 80. Ah well.
Today I had cash and I went to get a bubble tea at bubble bobble in the games room. It was sooooooooo good. It was mango ice or something. It was quite filling. I think it is better than QQ teashop.
Today I went to HMV and I bought the Tupac Greatest Hits CD because it was on sale for 14.99 and usually its over 30 bucks. I also got the Coldplay CD and it was 9.99 although the same one was 19.99...
I printed out some more sheet music now that our printer is working, and I am learning Coldplay songs because they are nice for the Piano. I am in the process of learning The Scientist at the moment. Its quite nice.
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User: moodring_star
Date: 2004-10-19 13:28 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I wish I could say the same thing about my homework for this week. I have too much fucking work this week and next week. I have a computer portfolio due today, and it's not done yet. I'm in my friends room at rez trying to get it done. Talk about being a procrastinator...lol
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User: canadiandesi
Date: 2004-10-20 19:12 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
hahah procrastinating is all everyone ever does now. its so bad.
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